Book a skate at Toronto’s favorite cabin getaway

Toronto cabin

During the last 2 years of the pandemic, Torontoians have been searching for city getaways.

As Canadians, we gravitate to outdoor winter activities and one of this countries favorites is ice skating!

toronto's favorite cabin getaway

Cabinonthe9 is Toronto’s favorite cabin!

So why not combine the two and grab six if your closest friends. Enjoy the afternoon skating on the half acre pond when you book this winter wonderland.

The pond is frozen between December and March. The booking process is simple plus the rental rates are affordable.

The charge is only $100 per hour with a two hour minimum. Rates include washrooms in the main house.

Toronto’s cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

Onthe9 goatman

Toronto’s top content creation, video production and cabin in the woods is less than one hour from downtown Toronto. 

Onthe9 is only 10 minutes from the iconic Rosebud Motel which is the centerpiece of the widely acclaimed CBC series, Schitt’s Creek

This popular series ran for 6 seasons and became world famous. 

Onthe9 is the perfect backdrop for your short film, music video or YouTube content. 

Toronto's cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

We recently hosted a great group of 5 young men that between them, have 10 million YouTube subscribers. 

HypeMyke and his gang searched for the Goat Man in the forests around Onthe9.  One of the property staff was asked to contribute and warned the young men upon arrival to the property in Mono. ON.

The hour and twenty minute video now has 3 million views and includes video footage of the Carriage house, Victorian house and Cabin. 

If you are looking to create wildly stunning footage, Onthe9, just minutes from Orangeville is the best location to produce the next Schitts Creek!

Rustic, pop-up weddings in Toronto

tiny cabin rental ontario

Only 55 minutes north of downtown Toronto lies the perfect rustic pop-up weddings destination where you can get hitched for under $2,500!

Onthe9 has a long history of being the backdrop from for love as our tiny cabin in the woods is referred to as “cupids cabin” as over 50 couples were engaged on this idyllic spot.

rustic pop-up weddings in Toronto

With the current precautions in place larger weddings are now dinosaurs. Plus after the dramatic shift in life we see the value of smaller, intimate gatherings.

If you cancelled or postponed your large scale wedding what’s the next best plan to get hitched?

A pop-up wedding only 55 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Our idyllic property has an idyllic cabin in the woods, blue clay pond, stone wall barn foundation, a restored barn, iconic Airstream, stunning Victorian house and rustic carriage house.

You will love this venue as you can stay for your honeymoon plus years later, return to relive your magical memories :-). 

Plus we have plenty of iconic photo props such as a VW Bug, Vespa Scooter and Mercedes Benz roadster.

What’s included in your special pop-up wedding day?

rustic pop-up weddings toronto
  • Venue for up to 1.5 hours
  • 10 guests (excludes children)
  • Champagne toast
  • Photography with 100+ photos
  • Officiant
  • Arbor and accessories
  • Filing of marriage license
  • Hors d’heuvres
  • Wedding cake
  • Bouquet + boutonniere
  • Background music
  • Coordinator on-site for day of
  • Parking for 10 cars
  • Discounts on future accommodations

Onthe9 has many creative, fun and inspiring wedding ideas to make your special day memorable. Reach out to our pop up wedding planners to get hitched and live happily thereafter!!!

Tiny cabin rental in Ontario

tiny cabin rental ontario

Are you looking for a tiny cabin rental in Ontario?

tiny cabin rental ontario

Located in Mono, Ontario a tiny, rustic cabin sits on a 1/2 aces blue clay pond, surrounded by tall red pines.

This popular couples retreat includes its own private sand beach, fire pit and multiple decks.

tiny cabin rental toronto summer

Both summer and winter are popular seasons to experience this tiny cabin rental in Ontario as the summer holds swimming, paddle boarding, campfires, hiking and sun bathing.

For the winter you can cozy by the wood burning stove, ski, snowshoe and skate on the frozen pond.

tiny cabin rental ontario winter

Cabinonthe9 is one of the top Airbnb destinations in Canada and has close to 500 reviews with a 4.96 rating.

You can book with Airbnb, Vrbo or contact the Onthe9 team directly for special offers and treatment.

Other Onthe9 destinations

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin

torontos favorite vacation cabin

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin is only 55 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Cabinonthe9 was added to the short term rental service (STR) Airbnb, and 5 years later this cabin in the woods is a top Airbnb destination in Canada. 

toronto cabin in the woods

The tiny cabin is only 230 square feet and is positioned on a small blue clay pond, surrounded by red pines. 

Couples love the rustic charm of this Toronto cabin but more so they love to escape the city and reality! 

On the main floor there is a kitchenette that includes a bar fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and Nespresso. 

toronto couple cabin woods

Separated from the kitchenette is a compost toilet that is specifically designed for number 1’s :-).

Past the kitchenette you walk into the main living area and view the pond. 

GTA cozy cabin woods

This idyllic GTA cabin has a loveseat, a chair, coffee table and dining table with four stools. 

The living room also houses the main source of heat, the wood burning stove.

toronto's favorite vacation cabin

Up a hand made latter is the bedroom loft where a comfortable foam mattress overlooks the pond. 

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin is a popular spot for marriage proposals, engagement photography and small intimate weddings. 

Winter cabin in Toronto

Book the Mono cabin in the woods all year round and leave the crazy city life behind!

Other listing in Mono, Ontario Canada

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Top Airbnb host complaints

Has rapid growth and an IPO on the horizon shifted this once exemplary short term rental service?

One of Canada’s top Airbnb is operated by Bill Dandie, an enthusiastic host who loves setting the stage for exceptional stays, saw Airbnb change from a strong partner to merely a frustrating big business.

“A recent guest logged a case and Airbnb shut our idyllic Cabin in the Woods down. I was shocked to see Airbnb take the side of the guest who has three reviews and discredit a Superhost with a 4.96 rating with close to 500 reviews”, Mr. Dandie comments.

For a period of one month Airbnb did not inform Mr. Dandie of the proper details and the matter went unresolved.

Mr. Dandie remarks, “Airbnb’s current platform to resolve host and guest matters is faulty. The safety department handles these cases poorly and from my personal experience has created serious trust and respect concerns related to this STR service.”

Top Airbnb host complaints

“On the dawn of an IPO you’d imagine that Airbnb wouldn’t be pushing long term, successful hosts into the arms of competitors such as Vrbo and TripAdvisor”.

As the foundation to Airbnb’s success is a solid community of hosts, guests play an equally vital role in driving Airbnb’s value to the estimated 30 billion mark.

In addition to mismanaging community relations being the top Airbnb host complaint guests will need to be seriously concerned with their privacy.

Outlined in a previous article Bill Dandie explains how he resolved this matter after a month of attempting to communicate with the Safety Department at Airbnb.

Mr. Dandie comments “A weakness at Airbnb ended up helping me solve the case that suspended business for a month. I called for two weeks straight and customer service, on two occasions, disclosed the guest name. I was shocked, but used this breach of privy to solve my case and move on”.

airbnb host mistrust
airbnb ipo overvalued

The guest mistook an electronic mouse deterrent device for a hidden camera and based on Airbnb’s inability to communicate this to Mr. Dandie he is no longer an Airbnb supporter but a STR [short term rental] proponent.

In closing Mr. Dandie remarks, “Airbnb was one of the last great organizations that I respected based on our remarkable 5 year working relationship. I feel something has seriously changed and as their stock goes public on December 7th, 2020, take heed to this infamous date in history when choosing to invest your money.”

Host questions the value of Airbnb

As December 7th looms, one long term Airbnb Superhost is questioning the value of the short term rental (STR) service along with its 30 billion dollar valuation.

Bill Dandie has been opening his home and hosting guests since 2016. With over 800 reviews and a passion for hosting he has become skeptical with Airbnb and questions their commitment to customers.

Bill comments “I recently worked closely with Airbnb to resolve a safety issue and feel the organization showed their true ability. As the standard customer service is exceptional, when dealing with the Safety department at Airbnb you are treated differently”

Mr. Dandie’s main Airbnb listing was removed when a customer filed a case. Based on the guest’s appeal to Airbnb and no interaction with Mr. Dandie nearly a month of no communication, guest frustration and business interruption ensued.

“In my four years of hosting I never experienced this before. Airbnb cancelled a guest reservation just after they checked in. Adding to the frustration they told the guest to vacate the premises immediately”.

After a series of cancellations Mr. Dandie called Airbnb. Customer service mentioned that their department wasn’t responsible for the matter and stated the Safety department would help.

For 15 straight days Mr. Dandie called hoping for clarity and to understand Airbnb’s current actions but unfortunately each call went unanswered.

Mr Dandie remarks, “After a significant investment of time trying to resolve this issue, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Out of the 15 customer service calls two agents disclosed the origin of the case. So with the guest details I decided to communicate with them directly”.

After Mr. Dandie and the guest talked it was clear that the accusation was false and was merely a mistake on the guests behalf.

The guest had contacted Airbnb weeks before and alleged that there was a hidden camera in the cabin. 

Throughout the course of this case, Airbnb did not share any details with Mr. Dandie so he was unable to provide any input to the claim.

“After speaking with the guest I discovered that she thought an electronic mice deterrent device was a hidden camera. She apologized to me and later communicated with Airbnb who reinstated the listing.”

Mr Dandie lost confidence in Airbnb over an issue that could have been resolved in hours but lasted close to one month.

Bill Dandie feels that the host foundation at Airbnb is at risk based on recent issue with the Safety department

“As bad as the situation was for me, the safety agent made matters worse. In an Airbnb email, after it was clearly indicated the device was not a hidden camera yet an electronic pest device, the agent states If we receive another report about recording devices in your listing(s), we may remove you from the Airbnb community.” 

Mr. Dandie continues to enjoy the STR industry and has added his top listings to other providers such as Vrbo and TripAdvisor

In closing Mr. Dandie shared, “Based on my recent experience with Airbnb I’d avoid investing in their IPO. If mishandled customer issues continue and result in host alienation the foundation of their business will be in jeopardy.”

Airbnb jeopardizes customer privacy

Airbnb seriously jeopardizes customer privacy as sensitive information is disclosed through a customer service ordeal.

Airbnb jeopardizes customer privacy

Bill Dandie runs one of the most popular Airbnb’s in Canada. The listing is a rustic cabin in the woods only 55 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Because of the proximity to Toronto and it’s remote feel, the cabin has seen hundreds of couples escape the city.

In November 2020 and after five years of hosting, the listing was shut down by Airbnb. A brief email stated there was an undisclosed camera and a representative from the Safety department would call at a designated time.

Can you trust Airbnb

The agent never called and what ensued was Bill Dandie’s worst customer service experience ever.

He called for 15 straight days looking for clarification. Because he operated in the same fashion over many years he was perplexed by the undisclosed camera claim.

Mr. Dandie called Customer Service every morning and they stated that it wasn’t their department but a Safety issue.

For 15 days straight Mr. Dandie would leave a message never receiving a call to clarify the matter.

Over the course of 15 days, on two occasions Customer Service disclosed the name of the guest and the date of stay.

On the first occasion of hearing this privacy breach, Mr. Dandie thought it was odd and didn’t take action. Due to frustration and wanting to resolve the matter on the second instance of Airbnb breaching customer trust and privacy he decided to contact the guest directly for clarity.

The guest confirmed what they thought was a hidden camera in fact was an electronic device to deter mice.

Throughout this time Airbnb wrongly accused a long term, loyal host at the same time as sharing private customer information.Mr Dandie comments on his recent experience, “working with Airbnb for over 5 years I developed a strong trust and respect for this STR company. 

At the point I truly needed support  regrettably I only received unanswered questions, false accusations and a breach of customer privacy. 

After this experience I lost confidence, respect and no longer endorse Airbnb.”

Mr. Dandie’s opinion of Airbnb has greatly changed and he’s now looking at more trustworthy STR services such as Vrbo and TripAdvisor.

Onthe9 operates a series of unique properties throughout Ontario.

One is a 15 aces, 150 year old Victorian House with an iconic cabin, another an off the grid home in Adjala-Tosorontio and a 186 acres nature preserve in Nippising.