Book a skate at Toronto’s favorite cabin getaway

Toronto cabin

During the last 2 years of the pandemic, Torontoians have been searching for city getaways.

As Canadians, we gravitate to outdoor winter activities and one of this countries favorites is ice skating!

toronto's favorite cabin getaway

Cabinonthe9 is Toronto’s favorite cabin!

So why not combine the two and grab six if your closest friends. Enjoy the afternoon skating on the half acre pond when you book this winter wonderland.

The pond is frozen between December and March. The booking process is simple plus the rental rates are affordable.

The charge is only $100 per hour with a two hour minimum. Rates include washrooms in the main house.

Toronto’s cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

Onthe9 goatman

Toronto’s top content creation, video production and cabin in the woods is less than one hour from downtown Toronto. 

Onthe9 is only 10 minutes from the iconic Rosebud Motel which is the centerpiece of the widely acclaimed CBC series, Schitt’s Creek

This popular series ran for 6 seasons and became world famous. 

Onthe9 is the perfect backdrop for your short film, music video or YouTube content. 

Toronto's cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

We recently hosted a great group of 5 young men that between them, have 10 million YouTube subscribers. 

HypeMyke and his gang searched for the Goat Man in the forests around Onthe9.  One of the property staff was asked to contribute and warned the young men upon arrival to the property in Mono. ON.

The hour and twenty minute video now has 3 million views and includes video footage of the Carriage house, Victorian house and Cabin. 

If you are looking to create wildly stunning footage, Onthe9, just minutes from Orangeville is the best location to produce the next Schitts Creek!

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin

torontos favorite vacation cabin

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin is only 55 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Cabinonthe9 was added to the short term rental service (STR) Airbnb, and 5 years later this cabin in the woods is a top Airbnb destination in Canada. 

toronto cabin in the woods

The tiny cabin is only 230 square feet and is positioned on a small blue clay pond, surrounded by red pines. 

Couples love the rustic charm of this Toronto cabin but more so they love to escape the city and reality! 

On the main floor there is a kitchenette that includes a bar fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and Nespresso. 

toronto couple cabin woods

Separated from the kitchenette is a compost toilet that is specifically designed for number 1’s :-).

Past the kitchenette you walk into the main living area and view the pond. 

GTA cozy cabin woods

This idyllic GTA cabin has a loveseat, a chair, coffee table and dining table with four stools. 

The living room also houses the main source of heat, the wood burning stove.

toronto's favorite vacation cabin

Up a hand made latter is the bedroom loft where a comfortable foam mattress overlooks the pond. 

Toronto’s favorite vacation cabin is a popular spot for marriage proposals, engagement photography and small intimate weddings. 

Winter cabin in Toronto

Book the Mono cabin in the woods all year round and leave the crazy city life behind!

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