Toronto’s cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

Toronto’s top content creation, video production and cabin in the woods is less than one hour from downtown Toronto. 

Onthe9 is only 10 minutes from the iconic Rosebud Motel which is the centerpiece of the widely acclaimed CBC series, Schitt’s Creek

This popular series ran for 6 seasons and became world famous. 

Onthe9 is the perfect backdrop for your short film, music video or YouTube content. 

Toronto's cabin in the woods accumulates millions of views

We recently hosted a great group of 5 young men that between them, have 10 million YouTube subscribers. 

HypeMyke and his gang searched for the Goat Man in the forests around Onthe9.  One of the property staff was asked to contribute and warned the young men upon arrival to the property in Mono. ON.

The hour and twenty minute video now has 3 million views and includes video footage of the Carriage house, Victorian house and Cabin. 

If you are looking to create wildly stunning footage, Onthe9, just minutes from Orangeville is the best location to produce the next Schitts Creek!